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The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a term that encompasses all of the various tools and elements which are necessary to incorporate into a business’ webpage.

In today’s technologically savvy world, the vast majority of people find their information on the internet rather than consulting an encyclopedia. The same is true when consumers are purchasing services or goods. Rather than leafing through the Yellow Pages to find a hotel for the family vacation, consumers are now able to simply type a few desired keywords into a search engine to instantly gain access to many viable options. Likewise, when a consumer is interested in trying a new product or upgrading an existing one, researching their options online before making a purchase allows for an experience that is tailored to their needs.

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Any business with a website wants to ensure that they show up first on the list when potential customers use a search engine like Google to look into their options. This is known as website ranking. A potential customer looking for a service may not even explore their options beyond the first three or four displayed, as their ranking is assumed as a sign of reputability.
Website rankings are interdependent upon the utilization of SEO tools. This includes not only the words contained within the website, but also the title and the ways in which other websites provide a link back to the original website, known as backlinking.
​There are a number of free SEO tools available for beginners, such as Siteimprove. These sites assist with fixing broken links as well as ensuring basic grammar structure and accurate spelling.

Web presence is key in this day and age.  Your business online is a direct portrayal of who you are and what your business is all about. If you want to be the best, you have to shine. However, building and expanding your business takes a lot of energy and focus.  

It's a fact that Search Engine Optimization (S-E-O) has proven to be a means for obtaining more website traffic, utilizing specific tactics and thus bringing more clients to your business. Here is where we make our appearance. We use our skills to improve your site's functionality. We get you higher ranking. There are many factors and techniques involved in doing so, which would take up a lot of your time. Time is money. Basically, we get your page to show up as the first result in a google search.

The first step in creating a website is to choose a domain name. After this is done, a host must be selected as well. Hosts are an outside service that is hired to connect the website to the Internet. This cost a nominal fee, somewhere around five to ten dollars a month.
After all of the above criteria has been finished, the website designer can begin creating their content. The content of a webpage refers to the text and pictures which make up the consumer’s side of the site. SEO writing is important here, as is the inclusion of interesting, original photos or illustrations.

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We will develop a strategy based on your goals to get you ranking high on Google!
Using our SEO savvy we can help you and your team in expanding your current SEO ideas.
We analyze your website in order to provide on-page optmization and improve any areas of concern.
We provide high quality content that is unique to your particular niche or business.
We perform keyword research amongst the top organic search results in your niche.
We provide high-quality backlinking and high-powered, authoritative citations to help improve ranking.

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